Revature Lists a Few Tools That Software Developers Must Know

Tools That Software Developers

Each and every trade has its distinctive tools, including software development. To learn how to use the most important software development tools and get trained in the most in-demand skills in the industry, one can always seek assistance from companies like Revature. A good software developer has a proper understanding of the trending, industry relevant tools and knows exactly how to use them for their benefit.

Revature talks about some of the most important tools that software developers must know about

Technology has become the backbone of modern lives in many ways. Software developers are needed to keep moving such technology forward. The options for aspiring developers are endless, and they may even have a role to play in bringing the next life-changing smartphone app to life. However, to do their job properly and easily, all software developers need to know certain basic tools, such as:

Git and Github: As they have to do the check-in and checkout of code every day, all software developers must have a robust knowledge of this source control repository. To become better developers, they must also know advanced concepts like merging and branching. In the contemporary landscape, Git and Github have almost become synonymous with the source control repository, as well as a version control tool. Many even consider it to be the single most important tool for modern developers.

Docker: Docker is another immensely important tool that all software developers must learn.  It makes the development process easy as one does not have to install any such separate application. Simply downloading a Docker image along with the necessary software shall be enough. Gradually, Docker is also becoming a standard tool for deployment. After all, an increasing number of teams are today choosing to adopt Docker with the aim of deploying Microservices and other Cloud Native apps in a consistent manner. One of the biggest advantages of Docker is that it enables people to deploy a Java Microservice or a C++ app in the same manner as they are actually deploying a Docker container.

SQL: This tool or programming language is quite valuable for any developer. SQL implies to Standard Query language and is used for working with the database. By using SQL, one can effectively read, update, and delete data from tables. Software developers must also know to write complex queries using various advanced functionalities like join, aggregate functions, and sub-queries.

Linux commands: Much like SQL, knowing Linux commands is important for developers. All developers have to work on UNIX at times. With proper knowledge of Linux commands, they can troubleshoot any issues with an application running on Linux.

Python: Python is a powerful, object-oriented, versatile and high-level programming language. Developers can use it to create big applications as they do in Java, as well as create useful scripts to automate things. Python has numerous modules with various possibilities, starting from machine learning and developing web applications to simpler things like accessing a file system.

Gaining knowledge of the tools mentioned above can be highly useful for any software developer. They can also join Revature to get trained in valuable skills that are helpful in building a successful career in the tech industry.



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