Hillandale Farms Discusses Some of the Popular Ways to Prepare Eggs

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Making a delicious meal any type of the day would be very easy, as long as one has fresh eggs from farms like Hillandale Farms in their fridge. This humble but versatile ingredient can be scrambled up in a few minutes and added to toast for a satisfying, high-protein meal. It can also be tossed in a ramekin with tomato sauce and put in the oven for a hands-off meal. People may even prepare a wholesome omelette with eggs, depending on their mood.

Hillandale Farms lists the most popular ways to prepare eggs

Eggs are among the most versatile food items available in the item. There are plenty of ways one can prepare eggs, as long as they have the right tools for the job. Some of the most popular ways to prepare eggs include:

  • Soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs: Boiled eggs are a kitchen stable with seemingly endless possibilities. Soft-boiled eggs go amazingly well with breakfast toast, medium boiled eggs are a great snack to enjoy with a dash of salt and pepper, and hard boiled-eggs would be the ideal addition to the dinner salad. To prepare such eggs, one would just need an egg peeler, egg timer, slotted spoon and a saucepan.
  • Over easy, medium, hard: Over-easy eggs basically get flipped to sear the top of the egg. How long one can keep their eggs flipped shall impact the yolk. When it comes to over-easy eggs, the yolk stays runny, while in medium eggs, the yolk has a jam-like texture. Yolk in over-hard eggs is firm. To prepare such eggs, a nonstick fry pan, spatula, and a kitchen timer will be required.
  • Omelette: It is common to find an omelette station at a hotel breakfast bar. After all, they are almost endlessly customizable. This classic dish can be enjoyed plain as well, but its fillings provide the opportunity to get creative. One can add mushrooms, caramelized onion, ham, cheese and more to their omelettes. The tools needed to prepare this dish include a whisk, bowl, fry pan, and spatula.
  • Poached: A lot of people think that making poached eggs is too complex. But once they learn the perfect technique to make this dish, it will not be a problem anymore. Poached eggs can be served in things like a light salad along with sweet potato hash, or can be used for classic eggs benedict. Tools needed to make poached eggs are a saucepan, ramekin, and a slotted spoon.
  • Sunny side up: Sunny side up eggs need a very less amount of work, and hence is ideal for a wholesome breakfast. All one needs to do is crack the egg into the pan, cover the pan, and wait. However, it is important to put the egg in the pan after it is hot enough, otherwise the yolk can start cooking before the whites are set, and if it is too hot the edges of the egg will start to brown.

One can make any of the dishes mentioned above and a lot more after buying high-quality eggs from Hillandale Farms. Eggs are a great source of protein, and having it in different ways every day will help people to stay healthy while also enjoying something delicious and interesting.



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