A Guide to Choose the Best Live Edge Furniture

Live Edge Furniture

Live edge furniture is defined as having a natural edge on at least one side of the wood while preserving the intrinsic beauty of the tree. Unfinished, raw wood retains its natural characteristics, such as its knots and curves.

The lines of traditional hardwood furniture are sharper and cleaner; the look is completely different. From walnut and oak to maple and cherry, our expert advice will assist you in sorting through the many options and arriving at a well-informed decision.

We’ll explore topics including color differences, wood texture, and selecting the ideal of the live edge furniture in this blog.

So whether you’re looking for a spectacular coffee table, a distinctive dining table, or a kitchen table, this guide will provide you with the information you need to choose the perfect live edge table that will radiate your vision.

How to Pick The Ideal Customized Solid Wood Table?

When choosing the perfect live edge wood coffee table, kitchen or dining room table from Pathway Tables, there are several factors to consider. You may make an informed decision by using the following list:

  • The Table’s Purpose: The ultimate purpose of the dining room live edge table should be the first item to take into account. Will it be utilized as a workspace, for eating, or just for decoration? The size, shape, and style of the table will be determined by this.
  • Type of Wood: Pathway Tables provides gorgeous and one-of-a-kind Ohio wood. Ohio wood is unique in that it has unique color, grain, texture, and hardness.
  • Style: The next consideration is the design of the live edge coffee table. To meet your unique needs and tastes, Pathway Tables offers a variety of designs and styles.
  • Finish: The fourth thing to consider is the finish of the table. There are several different finishes available in Pathway Table’s store, such as satin, gloss, and matte. The finish you choose will depend on your own taste as well as the style of your home or place of work.
  • Personalization: The final consideration is how simple it is to customize the table. The Pathway Table’s shape, size, and borders may all be changed to meet your specific needs. You may even change the wood’s color, gloss, and grain to suit your style.

Considerations for Selecting a Live Edge Slab

Let’s now examine some of the information that can assist you in selecting the ideal live edge slab for your do-it-yourself live edge woodworking project. To ensure you obtain the perfect item, there are a few considerations to make while looking for “handmade furniture near me” and choosing a live edge slab.

Think about the slab’s intended use first. Which would you choose to build: a coffee table, a dining table, or an ornamental shelf? The particular project you have in mind will determine the slab’s size and form.

The kind of wood is the second consideration. Variations exist among different wood species in terms of hardness, color, and grain pattern. Select a wood species that goes well with your design while keeping in mind the overall aesthetic you want to accomplish.

It’s also necessary to evaluate the slab’s quality. Seeking slabs free of splits, fractures, or other flaws that might jeopardize the project’s structural integrity is the best course of action. Examine the surface for any indications of deterioration or insect damage.

Take into account your budget last. The cost of the slabs of the live edge dining tables varies greatly based on several criteria such as wood type, quality, and size. To guarantee that the slab you choose meets your needs and your budget, establish a spending limit and rank the aspects that are most significant to you.


In summary, Pathway Tables offers a remarkable selection of well crafted, custom-made solid wood tables that are built to survive for many generations. You may select the ideal table for your house or place of work by taking into account the wood type, finish, design, and customizability options. Contact Pathway Tables with your purchase right now!



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