7 Interior Design Styles for Your HDB Home

HDB Home

After you have completed the application process for a Housing and Development Board (HDB) apartment in Singapore, it is time to start exploring interior design ideas that reflect your style and individuality.

The following are some HDB interior design concepts that will undoubtedly make you want to spend all of your time cuddling up at home and watching TV. However, you may construct a one-of-a-kind, cosy dwelling to call home by combining a number of different styles and incorporating some of them.

1. Masculine Neon Industrial

When I think of industrial spaces, I see unfinished concrete floors and walls, track lighting, and brick walls that have been purposefully left unfinished to achieve a grungy appearance. Combine this with a luxurious leather sofa that will draw attention away from the many other components found in the property.

For a look that is even more hip than usual, install a neon light feature along one wall of your living area.

2. Scandinavian Style

It is not hard to comprehend why each and every new HDB homeowner is completely obsessed with Scandinavian design for their interior decoration. The theme focuses on clean, streamlined designs that adhere to uncomplicated aesthetics that are calming and peaceful for day-to-day life. Make the atmosphere more upbeat and vibrant by decorating with colourful items.

3. Warm Hygge Style

Hygge, which may be pronounced either “Hoo-ga” or “Hue-guh,” is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for HDB interior design. It’s basically a lifestyle that the Danes, often known as the happiest people on the planet, have embraced.

The Danish concept of hygge emphasises creating an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness, as well as a haven away from the stresses of everyday life. A house that exudes an easygoing vibe while still managing to be cosy.

Even though Singapore is not a country known for curling up under thick throws, you can nevertheless bring the Danish concept of hygge into your own house by creating an appealing ambience with the help of fur textures and candles.

4. Minimalist Theme

You can never go wrong with a home that has a minimalist motif since it eliminates clutter and is the essence of simple living, which will make your home look classic.

Playing around with materials like wood, cement flooring, and metallic accents may give your space a raw and edgy character to complement the other features.

6. Calming Muji Home

Muji houses, also known as Japanese-style homes, are intended to be uncluttered and relaxing to look at while at the same time meeting the requirements of a functioning living space.

White walls are typically complemented with wooden accents to open up the area, as well as innovative storage options to ensure that your house seems neat and maintained.

7. Stylish Home Office

Since more and more jobs will enable you to work from home, why not designate a room in your house where you can get some work done in the convenience of your pyjamas?

The glass walls completely open up the area while maintaining a clear sense of separation from the living room of your HDB. If I didn’t have to be at the office, I could easily spend the entire day in this room because it gets plenty of natural light, is well-kept, and has a straightforward design that encourages productivity.



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