Wil Quitting Your Job Affect the Workers’ Compensation Benefits You are Receiving in Glendale?

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There are a lot of reasons you may think about quitting your job while you receive workers’ comp benefits. You probably do not feel safe performing your job duties anymore or fear retaliation in the workplace.  But before you decide, you need to understand what happens when you quit your job. While you can quit your job and still get workers’ compensation benefits, quitting can change the kinds and amounts of benefits you will receive. A workers compensation lawyer in Glendale can walk you through the possibilities if you decide to quit while getting workers’ comp benefits. 

If you sustain injuries in a work-related accident, your employer must take care of the related medical costs you may incur for the injury. Such an obligation applies whether you are still working for your employer or not. Your employer must cover the medical expenses you sustain following a job-related injury, even after you switch jobs. 

What to Expect When You Resign While Getting Workers’ Comp Benefits

In the majority of workers’ comp claims, employees who can’t go back to work for a long time can get workers’ comp benefits for a fraction of their lost ages. But such benefits are often given with the understanding that this worker will return to work when they can. 

If you resign while you get benefits from your employer’s workers comp insurance, you may stop getting disability benefits every week. This is the case even if you still receive medical coverage. Depending on why you are resigning, you should wait until the resolution of your claim before you quit. 

Is It Possible to Apply for Another Job?

While you receive workers’ comp benefits, you can apply to other jobs. However, accepting a new position can impact your benefit payments. When you begin a new job at another company, you must report your wages to the workers’ compensation insurance company of your previous employer. You may still get a portion of your disability benefits every week if you get less pay from your new job than your old job. However, if you earn more from the new job, the insurer may discontinue your benefit payments. 

Can Voluntary Resignation Impact Your Claim?

If you are offered to perform light duty following the injury and you still look for a new job, your boss can terminate your weekly workers’ comp benefits. If you suffered catastrophic injuries that make it impossible for you to get a job in the future, you may be able to bring a permanent disability claim. Additionally, voluntary resignation before the settlement of your claim can give your previous employer a reason to contest your eligibility for permanent disability benefits.



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